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+ Comments Glacier - 13-12-2008 21:20:29
One from way back (in the days when people used to travel!) New Year's day 2005, on a trip to Iceland, we'd driven out in 'Super Jeeps' for hours off road up a valley towards this spectacular glacier and frozen glacial lagoon in front of it. It took a good half hour to walk across the ice to the foot of the glacier past huge chunks of bright turquoise ice towering above us. The sun had barely risen all day. An amazing place, where nature truly rules the roost.

Panorama of 4 images stitched with Microsoft's Image Composite Editor, EXIF copied over from one of the original images, taken with my old Nikon 8800. Non-standard aspect but just had to include all that sky!

Edit: 22nd April 2010, found this is actually Gígjökull, the largest outlet glacier of the currently erupting Eyjafjallajökull, that grounded air travel across much of Europe with its ash cloud and scene of the flash flooding seen here
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