Freshly Mown
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+ Comments Freshly Mown - 22-06-2009 22:40:48

A trip down to the regular haunt of the fishing hut was unfortunately shared tonight with a hot air balloon taking off in the field just behind, I've taken some that include the balloon but the jury's still out on whether they'll ever see the light of day!

This however is the field I park next to, and one of those scenes that's almost too easy to miss. At this time of year from this location the sun sets right behind the peak of Parlick so sunset never really reaches the hut, but 100 metres either side and things change drastically.

This scene just stood out for me, so I set up and hope the cloud would let the light through before it disappeared behind the hills for the day, a short while later, still stood half in the road, I was rewarded with a brief glimpse of the potential. Nature's show was spectacular, however I'm not entirely happy with my end result. Luckily it's 10 minutes from home, so I may be back over the next few days to try again.

Canon EOS 40D
1/6 sec
Flash: Not Fired