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+ Comments Untitled #2 - 24-02-2010 00:11:01
A rushed visit to try out some new gear, so back to the predicatable spot....

Just before the 'new gear' explanation, some justification about this location, it's 10 minutes from home and despite this being the 10th(!!) posted shot from here I still feel like it's not fully exploited... and I've not even touched the lower lake, all from the upper one so far and every month and season changes it so much.

So... the new gear! A birthday brought me a new tripod head, a Giottos MH1300-652 ballhead (now firmly attached to last years birthday present, a set of carbon fibre Velbon Sherpa Pro CF645 legs) and a present to myself - my first L glass. After much deliberation of the classic 24-70mm vs. 24-105mm conundrum, my heart said the 24-70mm, my head the 24-105mm... in the end the head won out and the 24-105mm arrived, mainly due to the additional length and IS, although I wished really hard for Canon to launch a new, fully weather sealed, 24-105mm L f2.8 IS in the nick of time unfortunately it didn't happen. That said, opinion always seems split and as much as I still wish it was the 24-70mm, with all the IQ that comes with it, I'm really pleased with the 24-105mm.

The image isn't the greatest, light was useless, but it was oh so still, the partially frozen lake provided the lead in and foreground and framed the tree's reflection perfectly, while the clouds lined themselves up. Beacon Fell to the left, a snow patched Parlick to the right 2 co-operative Moor Hens in the centre... Not much more to say!

Some trips lined up over the next few weeks should hopefully bring some new material.
Canon EOS 40D
1/4 sec
Flash: Not Fired