Sunset  on Wasdale Head, Wastwater
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+ Comments Sunset on Wasdale Head, Wastwater - 09-03-2010 12:20:26
A rather great trip to the Lake District on Sunday with Russell. Others to follow but this is likely the first of several.

This view of Wastwater at the end of the day was spectacular, at one point there were 4 'tog's lined up with tripods along the rocky shore! The light on Sunday was so clear it just made the pics shine. Processing on this was sympathetic to say the least, subtle 'Auto' settings taken within ACR and Photoshop with a little sharpening and masking left the image looking very true to how it appeared on the day, I put it down entirely to the quality of light on the day.

To avoid the shadows of the light behind us, Russ and I created a rather comical scene, involving timed shutter releases and running backwards and ducking to keep clear, must have been great to have been an observer :o)
Canon EOS 40D
1.6 sec
Flash: Not Fired