Cliffs, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk
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+ Comments Cliffs, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk - 12-03-2010 21:36:34
The spectacular layered cliffs at Old Hunstanton. Taken a little before sunset, but as you can probably tell the tide brought shooting to an end sooner than anticipated, with the sign I'd walked past warning of 'Stranding Danger' still ringing in my mind.

Although not the tidiest view due to the eroded and crumbling cliffs, I liked the way all the debris reflects the colours of the little parts of the cliffs that are strewn around.

In camera, I'd assumed these would be just too bright, however on the big screen these really came to life. The saturation of the cliffs in the straight RAW was bordering on the ridiculous with the warm evening light, so some subtle desaturation has been done. The Sigma 10-20mm performed brilliantly yet again, even with an attempt to capture some water movement it got down to f/29(!!) but still kept a good sharp image.

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Canon EOS 40D
1/3 sec
Flash: Not Fired