Fishing Hut Finale?
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+ Comments Fishing Hut Finale? - 27-04-2010 07:09:26
It's been a while since I've posted, not to say I've not been out with my camera, just that each time I have I've stood, walked around, looked, waited and not taken a single shot. So forced myself out again with the hope that there would be some light and there was, only 5 minutes of it but it was enough to capture this.

I'd been stood in the water for a good while waiting for it to be still, not making a ripple, even while chatting to some visiting anglers and the wind dropped as the sun shone and it all came together for just those 5 minutes, but that's what it's all about I guess. Waiting for 'that' moment to come along, sometimes it does, all too often it doesn't and you go home with something you know you shouldn't have shot and will never use... or you show selective restraint and control and go home with nothing but cold feet. Either way, this is how we practice our art and despite the frustration, I'm quite please that I've been out recently and recognised that something wasn't worth shooting and went home empty handed, a small personal check point that I'm getting selective while out with camera poised rather than snapping and being disappointed later sat in front of the PC.

Location as any regular visitors will know is the local fishing lakes and hut yet again, it's a fantastic spot in a beautiful setting but I think it's time to leave it for a while. I'm very pleased with this image, a step away from wide angle and towards focus on detail a little more, however I'm suffering 'Fishing Hut Fatigue' and need to start the hunt for more local locations.

Canon EOS 40D
2 sec
Flash: Not Fired